The Truth - Israel has given up land for Peace.


last night, i lay in bed and dreaded closing my eyes.

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Hey guys, I need help with something/

There is this trailer of na Korean movie called “Two Weddings and a Funeral”:

On 1:02 begins a song in English, and my friend and I desperately trying to figure out what is this song. It would be great if you could listen and help me?



Harry Potter and the Year he thought it was Snape but it was Quirrel
Harry Potter and the Year he thought it was Draco but it was Ginny
Harry Potter and the Year he thought it was was Sirius but it was Wormtail
Harry Potter and the Year he thought it was Karkaroff but it was Moody/Crouch Jr
Harry Potter and the Year everyone knew it was that B*tch Umbridge
Harry Potter and the year it actually did turn out to be Snape
Harry Potter and the Year it turned out to be Harry all along

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Shizuka ARAKAWA & Yuzuru HANYU, Ina Bauer ❧ Hope for Sendai 2012 →

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Hey guys

How are you? I really miss you all.

You can’t see me right now, but I am crying in my bed as I write this post and I feel like shit and Ijust need to tell someone because I need someone to know that I’m not okay. And I have no one to tell.


Imagine your OTP’s relationship starting due to person A asking person B to be their pretend lover for whatever reason. One thing leads to another, and they ended up dropping the “pretend” part.

I actually read a great fic about it :D


did u kno: ur icon is actually you in 20 years


Checked something on Eric’s page on the Divergent Wiki and saw this.


I love you, whoever wrote this! Couldn’t stop laughing.




do all american high school parties actually have those red plastic cups or is this a lie created by the movies

This has had like 65,000 notes and NO-ONE has answered

#because no one on tumblr has been to a party

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How an Israeli with Cerebral Palsy Beat the Odds and Became an IDF Officer.

In honor of the UN’s International Day for People with Disabilities, we bring you the moving story of Captain Yehonatan Cohen – an IDF officer who dutifully serves his country despite being physically disabled since birth.

Captain Yehonatan Cohen is noticeably different from other officers in the Israeli army. As a result of a severe disability, he is bound to a wheelchair and unable to move his hands. He needs help with most day-to-day functions – including eating, drinking and bathing.

With significantly impaired vision, he relies on others to read aloud to him. Cohen was born two months premature, and because oxygen was cut off from his brain at birth, he developed Cerebral Palsy – a condition that left him physically disabled.

Despite his physical limitations, Cohen’s exceptional intellect and determination have allowed him to succeed. “My parents are people who didn’t give up on me along the way,” he says, joking that his use of the phrase “didn’t give up” may be an understatement. 

Like many Israeli teenagers, Cohen eagerly reported to the IDF enlistment office, determined to join the military and serve his country.

“When all of my friends received their orders to enlist, I decided that despite everything, I wanted to enlist too,” Cohen recalls, explaining his devotion to the IDF and the Jewish state.

“The truth is that it’s something that’s been with me since childhood. We are a family that believes that the State of Israel is above everything. Before everything else, you have the State of Israel; this is something that was very important in our education and in the values of our family.”

Accompanied by his medical aide, Cohen approached an officer in the enlistment office, but was immediately told that his condition would prevent him from serving. “In my family, there was no such thing [as not enlisting],” Cohen says.

“We enlist – no matter what. It’s true that I wasn’t obligated to enlist in a formal or legal sense, but from an ethical and Zionist standpoint, I certainly was.” Although the IDF exempted him from service, Cohen insisted that the army accept him as a volunteer.

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